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Hi! I am Dr Alina Smith, I am a behavior therapist, I conduct sessions for teaching self-help and self-care. 

My goal is to teach individuals in understanding and dealing with their own resistance, crises and strokes of fate with their heads held high. If we understand ourselves, dare to look, actively change or learn to accept mindfully, we are much closer to contentment than we were before.


  • Psychotherapist under training under supervision | Practice to University
  • Mannel – Therapy Training
  • Psychological Teaching and Counseling Function

Primary and Further Education:

  • Psychotherapist under training | American Society for Behavior Therapy
  • Psychotherapeutic Propaedeutic | Postgraduate University of Florida
  • Anti-aggression / de-escalation training | Genoa Socialis Sports Science Bachelor’s degree | University of Florida
  • Workshops on stress management, mental hygiene & education

For Urgent Booking Call at

+1 (305) 421-8062

Frequently Asked Questions

Psychotherapy is a path to oneself, the promotion of healthy parts and the confrontation of resistance in order to be able to be close to the life we want.

Modern behavioral therapy is one of the four major schools of psychotherapy worldwide and is the treatment of choice for various psychosocial disorders. It is based on scientific evidence and, in its multimodal form, shows major impact factors in the area of disease management, crisis intervention, but also the development of one’s own potential – the increase in quality of life.


The extensive methodology of behavioral therapy not only ensures that you work on events in a goal- and problem-oriented manner in the here and now, that you overcome crises in a timely manner and that you alleviate suffering, but also that you evaluate emotions and experiences from the past and positively integrate them into the experience of the present .

Yes you can call me at the urgent booking hotline:

+1 (305) 421-8062

What My Patients Say

"I was suffering from chronic depression, behavior therapy by Dr. Alina helped me get over it through self-help practices, and it wouldn't have been easy without her help."
Angelina Vive
"Dr. Alina is a really cooperative professional who listens to your problems with utmost details and prescribes self-help practices which are easy to adopt!"
Michael William

Mental health is as important as the physical health.


1521 Alton Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139


Mobile: +1 (305) 421-8062


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